About Yue Kong

Yue Kong Grocery is an online grocery store run by a family of Hong Kongers.

Out of the owner's love for Taiwanese culture and seeing the lack of channels to sell Taiwanese food and supplies in the UK, lack of choices, and people often have to source MIT items from different websites and stores. These are the main reasons that motivated us to start operating Yue Kong Grocery, we aim to provide all Taiwan culture lovers a one go shopping platform.

Yue Kong Grocery actively engages with different manufacturers in Taiwan and is committed to bringing delicious and the best lifestyle products directly from Taiwan to the UK. All products are made in Taiwan. We hope you can feel the authentic flavour of Taiwan from our selection of products.

We very much encourage everyone to share valuable opinions with us, those who have done well and those that need to be improved; those who want to eat and find good things, we are all very welcome!

We also welcome various types of cooperation, please feel free to contact us at any time: info@yuekong.co.uk