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【PERFECT】316 Stainlees Steel Vacuum Lunch Box 14cm (Portable)

【PERFECT】316 Stainlees Steel Vacuum Lunch Box 14cm (Portable)

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Body - inner layer 316 stainless steel, outer layer 304 stainless steel

Top cover-ABS (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene copolymer)
Heat resistance 70°C-100°C

Top cover inner plug-316 stainless steel

Insulation efficacy
Above 76°±5° (3 hours)
Above 63°±5° (5 hours)


Feature of product
★Patented air relief valve design
★With 316 stainless steel folding spoon
★Layered design, foods can put separatly
★Highest grade 316 stainless steel, durable
★This product has no sealing function, and there is still a possibility of leakage when placed at an angle

How to use
Wash with water, a little flour (thin paste) and detergent before use, and it can be used after cleaning.

Storage method
Keep in dry place.

1. Do not heat directly.
2. Please place it out of reach of children to avoid danger.
3. The lid of the box is not sealed due to the air release valve design. If it is soaked in water for a long time, water may enter. If it happened, we recommended to use a dishwasher to dry the box.

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