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【Noodle Soul】 Shallot sauce noodles (Vegan) 504g

【Noodle Soul】 Shallot sauce noodles (Vegan) 504g

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**EXP 20-2-2023**


Noodle: Wheat flour, water.
Soy sauce package: Water, black beans, soybean oil, sugar, salt, sesame oil, coloring agent (caramel), flavoring agent (sodium L-glutarate, disodium succinate, disodium 5'-hypoxanthine phosphate, 5'-guanosine phosphate disodium). Nutrition labelling 126g per serving | This pack contains 4 servings Scallion Bread: Scallion crisp, shallot oil, deep-frying oil (soft palm oil, soybean oil), soy sauce, garlic MSG (sweetener (D-sorbitol liquid 70%), garlic powder, spices (<Wheat oil) Bud lake essence, spice, gum arabic>, <garlic extract, canola oil), fatty acid sucrose ester, corn sugar gum), pentacaprin meat extract (sweetener (D-sorbitol liquid 70%), spice ( (Medium chain triglycerides, flavors, water, antioxidants (vitamin E), <palm oil, soybean oil, shallot extracts), flavoring agents (aminoacetic acid, DL-aminopropionic acid>, soy sauce powder (soy sauce liquid, malt lake essence, salt, caramel coloring, disodium succinate, disodium 5'-inosine phosphate, disodium 5'-guanosine phosphate, L-alanine), glucose, pyrophosphate Sugar coloring, spices, star anise, pepper, cinnamon>, palm oil, emulsifier <fatty acid glycerides, fatty acid sucrose esters>), soybean salad oil.

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  • Allergens: Wheat, black beans, soybeans, sesame, mustard greens

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    Store in a cool dry place

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