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【PERFECT 】316 Bowl Set Of Four 12+14+16+18m (with Lid)

【PERFECT 】316 Bowl Set Of Four 12+14+16+18m (with Lid)

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Bowl body - 316 stainless steel
Bowl cover-LDPE (polyethylene)
Bowl cover Heat resistant 70°C-90°C


Feature of product
★Made of the highest grade 316 stainless steel thickened
Suitable for induction, halogen, ceramic, gas and electric stove. Dishwasher washable. (Please read the precautions notes below carefully)
★The design of the edge of the pot is easy to handle and not easy to hurt your hands
★Various sizes can be stacked and stored for easy storage
★The base of the bowl is enlarged, suitable for a variety of dishes

How to use
Wash with water and a little flour (thin paste) and detergent before use, and use after washing.

Storage method
Keep in dry place.

1. Do not put in microwave.
2. If you cook directly on direct fire, it is easy to cause the bowl to turn black because of the high fire. Please make your own decision whether to cook on direct fire. 
3. Remove the bowl safely after cook on direct fire to avoid getting burnt. 
4. Be sure to remove the lid of the bowl when heating, and do not let the pot burn empty, so as not to damage the lid and body of the pot.
5. Cover again after cooling down, the heat-resistant temperature of the bowl cover is 70°C-90°C.
6. Wash with dishwasher: There will be micro-electricity when the dishwasher is running, so after washing, it may cause the stainless steel pots and pans some little white spots occasionally (spots can be remove after rinsing with water). This is normal physical phenomenon and is not product defects. Please make your own decision whether to use the dishwasher.
7. Avoid strong impact, so as not to cause damage to the product.


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