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【PERFECT】Japanese Style Black Gold Steel Deep Pan 30cm (with lid)

【PERFECT】Japanese Style Black Gold Steel Deep Pan 30cm (with lid)

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Pot body - high-tech alloy, non-stick coating
Lid - heat-resistant glass, stainless steel
Lid Bead Head-Bakelite, Nylon
Handle - bakelite


Feature of product
★DO NOT USE iron shovel, iron brush, wire brush
★The pot body is integrally formed without rivets, which will not hide dirt
★Non-stick treatment on the pot surface, less oily smoke, easy to clean
★Special high-tech hardening treatment, uniform heat conduction and good heat storage
★Applicable to a variety of stoves (Except induction cooker)

How to use
Before use, use neutral detergent and sponge after cleaning.

Storage method
Please dry the product after use and store it in a dry place.

1. Do not let the pot burn for a long time, so as not to deteriorate, deform or damage the pot body.
2. Do not knock on the pot surface, so as to avoid holes on the pot surface, which will affect the cooking effect and damage the appearance of the pot body.
3. Do not make the fire too large to prevent food from overflowing the edge of the pot, which can always keep the pot clean and beautiful.
4. Do not put food in the pot for too long, so as to reduce the life of the pot.
5. When using a non-stick pan, do not turn on a high fire, only maintain a medium and small fire, only fry but not deep fry, and avoid empty burning.
6. When cleaning, please use a sponge or soft sponge, do not use an iron brush, which may cause scratches on the surface of the pot.


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