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【SILWA 】Vacuum Flask Cooker 5L (Defective- with scratches/cut-outs/ stains)

【SILWA 】Vacuum Flask Cooker 5L (Defective- with scratches/cut-outs/ stains)

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Vacuum Flask Cooker with manufacture defective- scratches/ cut-outs/ stains

Please read carefully in RED below:

Pictures are for reference only. Since we couldn't take pictures one by one, the pictures are only for showing the appearance of defects. Every pot has more or less the same problem, sometimes 4 or above defects can be found in the same pot. Mainly around the edges of the outer pot. But the above problems only affect the appearance, and do not affect the actual performance of the pot.


Outer pot: Polypropylene
Inner pot: 304 stainless steel

Outer pot: Diameter, total width 31cm, total height (including handle) 38.5cm
Inner pot: Diameter, total width 21.5cm, total height (including handle) 27cm

Outer pot: 1.65 kg
Inner pot: 0.6 kg


Feature of product
★Heat preservation- 6-10 hours
Energy saving and environmental protection, no loss of nutrition
Multifunctional - a good helper for outings
Heat preservation, cold preservation, wide application. It can be used to cook porridge, food and soup, Chinese herbal medicines, and keep food warm. When you are outing or traveling, you can boil the food in advance, put it in the outer pot, and eat it when you reach the destination.
Preserve the original taste of food
Simmering with the residual temperature of boiling can not only taste the food, but also not easy to burn or over-rot the food.
Safe and economical
The heating time is short, and the heat preservation time is long, which is not only economical, but also does not have to worry about children getting close to the fire source during heat preservation and conditioning.
Stainless steel inner pot can be used separately.

How to use
1. Put the ingredients into the inner pot and heat directly to boil.
2. Cover the inner pot and put it into the outer pot.
3. Cover the outer pot lid and carry out heat insulation and heat preservation. When the conditioning time is over, you can enjoy delicious food.

Storage method
Keep in dry place.

1. Do not heat the outer pot directly, and do not get close to the fire source to avoid deformation
2. Do not put food directly into the outer pot for cooking.
3. When using the inner pot for heating and conditioning, please keep the handle upright and keep the flame out of reach, so as not to overheat the handle and make it difficult to take out.
4. During the simmering process, it is not advisable to lift the outer pot cover several times, so as to avoid the loss of heat and affect the simmering effect.
5. For the heat preservation of a small amount of food, the temperature will drop quickly and affect the heat preservation effect; it is recommended that the inner pot should be 80% full for the excellent effect.
6. Soups should not be too full (80%- 90% is the best), so as not to overflow and scald when the lid is closed.
7. This product is not an electronic product, and its thermal insulation performance is not a fixed value. So, after a period of time, the heat energy will also disappear with time.
8. Please use a neutral detergent with a soft cloth to clean.
9. Please close the lids of the inner pot and outer pot before taking them out for use.
10. Do not place it at the fire source, avoid collision and falling, which will damage the sealing structure of the insulation material and reduce the performance.


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