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【Vero&Nique】 Mute Enhanced Slippers (Blue)

【Vero&Nique】 Mute Enhanced Slippers (Blue)

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Feature of product
★Light weight
Waterproof and non-slip
★Integrated molding, stable structure and more durable
Streamlined shoe fits the shape of the foot
Fits the curvature of the human instep
★Extreme silent shock absorption
The high and low-level texture of the sole strengthens the silence

Getting the right size
1. Each shoe factory has different size markings and shoe lengths. Do not use the size you are currently wearing as the basis for purchasing judgments.
2. Manual measurement will have a difference of 0.5-1 cm, which is the normal range
3. Measure the actual length of the foot and then choose the appropriate size.
4. Indoor shoes: actual foot length + 0.5 to1cm
Outdoor shoes: actual foot length + 1 to 1.5cm
5. The size chart is to measure the shoe length/shoe width on the outside of the shoe, not equal to the foot length/foot width

Special note
1. The product photos may be slightly different from the actual product due to indoor and outdoor lighting problems.
2. Plastic products will have a little smell when they leave the factory, but the material itself is non-toxic and harmless to the human body. Please place the product in a ventilated place for three to five days, and the smell will dissipate
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